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We are passionate about our coffee. We source our beans through three importers direct from the farms and cooperatives, we roast them on-site, and we make each beverage to order. We do not offer flavors, syrups, smoothies, frappes, meal-type foods or most typical coffee shop drinks, but for good reason. We are very focused on the quality aspect of our coffees and want you to experience coffee for the passion, craft and art of it.  Coffee is the seed of a fruit and if its grown, processed, roasted and brewed properly,  the results will be amazing;  not bitter or burnt. Why cover up the good?  If your black coffee tastes bitter or burnt, you're drinking the wrong coffee, usually poor quality.  Pure and simple and without attitudes or snobbery we challenge you to Rethink Your Coffee.

Coffee Tasting for Two Gift Certificate

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Coffee Tasting for Two Gift Certificate


Makes a great gift for just about anyone!  Learn how coffee gets from crop to cup in a 2 hr presentation/tasting event!

Gourmet Coffee Tasting - 2 hrs - $39.00

  • Did you ever wonder why your store bought coffee usually needs cream and sugar to drink it? 
  • Did you know your current coffee is likely stale? 
  • Did you know that high quality Arabica coffee stands excellent on its own if it's roasted and brewed correctly? 
  • Have you ever drunk coffee grown on a single farm in El Salvador where we can tell you the farmer's name?  What about coffee from a multi-farm co-op in Kenya that is processed at an organic wet mill?  What about a coffee that is mild and tastes honey sweet without adding sugar?
  • Did you ever wonder what makes a Colombian coffee taste different than a Yemeni coffee? 

Well this is your chance! 

We will brew several coffee origins, taste them and discuss why they taste as they do.  We will also discuss coffee in general, origins, processing and how it all affects flavor.

Too much coffee today is latent with sugar, cream, heavy syurpy flavors, man-made sweeteners or all of the above so you can't even taste the coffee; it's just a big cup of sugar.  We are different than most coffee shops as we focus on the coffee; top quality coffee at that.  Excellent coffee has natural flavors that change as it cools.  Some is fruity, some is nutty, some is creamy, some is just plain smooth.  Excellent coffee is not bitter or burnt.  Why not try some that is perfect on its own?  Let us allow you to rethink your coffee.

Please call me (Tony) at (216) 370-3262 or email tonydicorpo at if you have any questions.  If you have a group of 8 or more wanting to purchase tickets, please contact us to talk about a private tasting.

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