Coffee Roasters

We are passionate about our coffee. We source our beans through three importers direct from the farms and cooperatives, we roast them on-site, and we make each beverage to order. We do not offer flavors, syrups, smoothies, frappes, meal-type foods or most typical coffee shop drinks, but for good reason. We are very focused on the quality aspect of our coffees and want you to experience coffee for the passion, craft and art of it.  Coffee is the seed of a fruit and if its grown, processed, roasted and brewed properly,  the results will be amazing;  not bitter or burnt. Why cover up the good?  If your black coffee tastes bitter or burnt, you're drinking the wrong coffee, usually poor quality.  Pure and simple and without attitudes or snobbery we challenge you to Rethink Your Coffee.

Our Coffee, Your Event

There are some interesting ideas on how you can use our Mobile Espresso Catering services if you are in or near Cleveland, Akron and Northeast (NE), Ohio!

Make An Impression

Please contact us to see if we can help you make your event even more special.  Some events are great occasions to serve espresso beverages. Rest assured, no one will leave your celebration with a bitter taste in their mouth. We will serve espresso and espresso based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas to your guests. And they will love you for this!

Business Meetings?

Wake up your clients and business partners on an important early meeting with a latte or espresso. The coffee aroma will fill the room with energy and motivational spirit leaving no room for boredom. Our repeat clients from Baron Funds, Nationwide Funds, and INVESCO invite us to their business meetings and events. They claim morning coffee improves the response rate, which makes us infinitely happy. As they say, a client of my client is my client. 

Almost Any Occasion

We've had clients from different areas and with different backgrounds - even Hollywood! IAC Productions (I Alex Cross-film shoot), Jenny’s Wedding (film shoot), Jennifer Garner, (Draft Day film shoot).  We have also worked with the Cleveland Clinic, Moen, First Data and more.  So give us a call at (216) 370-3262 or contact us here to inquire about our services at your next event. 

**Please note we only service events with a maximum of 50 guests in most situations so your guests receive the best espresso experience.  As well, we can only book your date within 30 days of your event.  This is to ensure our commitment to you, as well as to provide the highest level of customer service to your guests.